Many visitors comment on the unique beauty of their travels to and from Vík. It’s truly a fantastic experience. We encourage you to plan and take time getting here and returning after your experience. Make it a memorable journey.


Highway no.1

Driving from Reykjavík (2.5 hrs.) or Höfn (3 hrs.) is easy. Follow the ring-road nr.1 to the west from Reykjavík or East from Höfn until you reach the little town of Vík.


When in Vík, you take the street marked Víkurbraut directly from highway nr.1. .

Meeting Point

To reach our meeting point, drive approximately 100 meters until you see a white building on your left that houses the police station, liquor store, bank, and Zipline Iceland.

Park your car and find your way to the back of the building, you’ll find us here along with the staff of Zipline Icleland.
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Bus to Vík

Strætó is the Icelandic public bus system. They have a bus that goes around the island once a day in winter but more frequently in the summertime. Click the link to check the bus schedule.

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