The True Adventure Team

Our Story

Welcome to True Adventure Paragliding! We offer you the chance to experience the thrill of soaring through the Icelandic skies. Our company was founded in 2014 by two experienced instructor pilots passionate about flight. We have chosen Vík í Mýrdal as our ultimate playground because of its captivating landscape and stunning views. Let True Adventure Paragliding be your gateway to the skies above Iceland's stunning landscapes.

Our Mission

At True Adventure, we aim to share our passion for flight with you, ensuring that every moment in the air is as exciting for you as it is for us. We are dedicated to making South Iceland the premier destination for paragliding in the Northern Hemisphere. The region's abundant majestic mountains and winds create a safe yet exhilarating environment for your adventure. Rest assured—your safety is our top priority at True Adventure. We invite you to join us for a tandem flight, where our skilled pilots, trained to the highest standards, will guide you safely through the skies. If not, you can also explore our zipline tour or any other activity you're interested in. Let us guide you to an extraordinary day filled with wonder and adventure, knowing that you are in safe hands.

Our TFI's and team

Our team comprises highly trained and experienced tandem pilot instructors (TFIs) dedicated to ensuring your safety and enjoyment. We are the only registered APPI paragliding school/flight centre in Iceland, and our pilots are licensed with the World Air Sports Federation and SAHPA. We strive to maintain the highest standards of safety and professionalism. No prior experience is required to enjoy an introductory tandem flight; all you need is good health and a spirit of adventure. True Adventure Paragliding is the ultimate destination if you're seeking an unparalleled thrill during your travels.


TFI, Co-owner & Founder
Meet Sammi, our TFI, Co-owner, and Founder. He is the driving force behind our exhilarating experiences and a true entrepreneur. Sammi has been passionate about paragliding for a couple of decades, which led him to establish True Adventure Paragliding in Vík and design his life around paragliding and adventure. Sammi's vibrant spirit infuses every adventure with fun and excitement. He used to divide his time between two breathtaking locations: Iceland and South Africa. Entertaining adventure-seeking globetrotters in the sky both in Vík and with CTTP in Cape Town, spreading the joy of flight to different corners of the world. Now, he is focused on one destination. When he's not in the air, you can usually find him with either a burger or a beer in his hand or off somewhere brainstorming the next adventure he can share with our lovely travellers. Join us for an unforgettable journey with Sammi at the helm, and let's make memories together!


TFI & Co-owner
Meet Þráinn - our TFI and co-owner, who has an impressive range of skills and a contagious enthusiasm. With an expertise in carpentry and a passion for badminton, Þráinn brings a unique flair to our team. Apart from being a master of the skies, Þráinn is also the team's badminton champion. He manages to balance his love for sports with his dedication to flight, reflecting his adventurous spirit and competitive edge. Þráinn's family is an integral part of our team, and his two daughters, licensed paragliding pilots, bring a unique dynamic to our close-knit family, united by their shared love for flight. Adding to our team's charm is Skuggi, Þráinn's beloved puppy, who is often spotted with us. Skuggi's presence adds a touch of warmth and companionship to our adventures. With Þráinn at the helm, we're committed to creating unforgettable experiences and cherished memories for our guests. Join us as we embark on a journey filled with excitement, camaraderie, and the thrill of flight.


Integrated Marketing and Operations Manager
Meet Ása, our dynamic Integrated Marketing and Operations Manager. Her adventure-filled journey began in her teenage years, from hiking across Iceland to assisting in guiding paragliding pilots in Morocco's Atlas mountains. Ása's passion for exploration knows no bounds. When she's not zipping through the skies or trekking rugged terrains, you'll find her seeking balance on her yoga mat. As a vital part of our "one-man office team" at True Adventure, Ása combines her love for adventure with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring unforgettable customer experiences. Join us as we explore new horizons with Ása leading the way, blending excitement and expertise in every adventure.


Social Media Coordinator & TFI in training
Introducing Addý, our TFI in training. She is the youngest member of our team. Born into a family of adventurers, her passion for exploration is deeply ingrained. Although she is still in training as a guide, Addý is always eager to assist with our trips, and her infectious enthusiasm is always present. A true child of nature, she finds solace off the beaten path and is often seen collecting flowers to make floral wreaths while we parawait. Addý has a wild heart that matches the landscapes she explores, and she adds a touch of youthful energy and wonder to every adventure. We invite you to join us in nurturing her adventurous spirit as she blossoms into a seasoned guide, sharing her love for the outdoors with each excursion.


Social Media Coordinator
Introducing Katla, our versatile Social Media Coordinator, driver, and Zipline Guide extraordinaire. With a passion for adventure and an eye for capturing moments, Katla's role with us extends beyond guiding zipline tours. As the friendly face who greets you at our meeting point, she ensures that your adventure starts off on the right foot. A true artist at heart, Katla's photography skills shine through as she often captures the perfect portrait shot during your trip. Whether she's behind the wheel, managing our social media presence, or leading you through thrilling zipline adventures, Katla's dedication and creativity infuse every aspect of our journey. Join us as we embark on unforgettable experiences, guided by Katla's expertise and passion for adventure.


TFI & IMOM of Zipline Akureyri
Meet Anita, affectionately known as "Mama Goose" among us. She loves flying and travelling, and though she has retired her tandem wing, she still finds joy in soaring solo, embracing the freedom of the skies. When she's not gliding through the air gracefully, she enjoys leisurely travels in her beloved camper, Vanita, exploring the countryside at the speed of a snail. Her heart finds solace in her mountain hut up north in Akureyri, where she co-manages Zipline Akureyri with her beloved Jón Heiðar. Anita's paragliding journey began on a whim in 2007, leading to a lifelong passion. In 2009, she embraced a nomadic lifestyle, selling belongings and becoming a travelling paragliding enthusiast. After completing her tandem training in South Africa in 2013, Anita returned to Iceland and co-founded the first paragliding company with Sammi and Gísli. Since then, she has become a full-time tandem pilot and paragliding instructor. With her boundless passion and expertise, Anita's spirit lifts us to the skies and beyond.


Co Founder
Meet Gísli, our co-founder, who has over a decade of experience. He is passionate about free flight and wants to share the exhilarating experience with others. Gísli is constantly exploring ways to make flying accessible to everyone. Along with his contributions to the paragliding community, Gísli is a prominent figure in Iceland's startup landscape, recognised for his innovative endeavours. When he's not soaring through the skies, Gísli enjoys savouring great coffee, indulging in delicious cuisine, and immersing himself in the beauty of nature. As "Gísli the guide," he has led glacier walks, showcasing his passion for adventure and exploration. Currently, Gísli is the dedicated owner of Selsíus, specialising in floor heating, and he continues to thrive in business ventures. With five sons and three grandchildren—and counting—Gísli's enthusiasm for life knows no bounds.

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